About Us

Bringing Joy To Families

Our goal at Ikadoodles is to deliver some of the most healthy, easygoing, easy to train and best behaved puppies whom will bring enormous joy to new families. We love to see updates via social media; Facebook, Instagram and text messages. That is our way of keeping in touch with almost every single one of our puppies. We want to bring lifelong, lasting memories to every family that chooses one of our puppies.

Love For Our Dogs

We love every single one of our dogs very, very much and we are sad to say that we do miss every single one of the puppies we re-home due to the time spent with each and every single one of them. The most rewarding thing for us is receiving updates on our pups and seeing how great they are doing with their new families.

Respect Towards Our Customers

We are very proud to say we treat every new family with the respect they are due by respecting the order in which every inquiry is made for each of our Puppies. First come first serve (as long as a great home and environment is being provided to our puppies) is our rule of thumb.

About Ikadoodles

Ika is our red Queensland heeler dog, she has been with us since day one. We have been raising dogs for over 8 years. We raise beautiful Goldendoodles & Golden Retrievers. We are located in Oakdale, Ca. in the heart of California’s central Valley 79 miles from Sacramento, Ca. 91 miles from Fresno, Ca. and 84

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  • 5701 CLARIBEL RD Oakdale CA 95361
  • 707-934-7217

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