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Your search for a well-trained puppy ends here with our trained puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California.

We had a wonderful experience adopting our puppy through Ikadoodles! We adopted Fozzie at 15 weeks. He was crate trained, potty trained, and knew basic commands. He has the best temperament and is the perfect dog for our family.
Talina was so responsive when we were inquiring about adopting a puppy, and when we made our visit out to meet the puppies she was also interviewing us to make sure we could provide a safe and happy home for the puppy. You can tell she really cares about each dog that comes through Ikadoodles.
We took him in for his 1st veterinary checkup and our vet was also very impressed with Ikadoodles; the detailed records they provided for Fozzie, vaccinations (performed by a vet), vet checkups, and training.
We highly recommend Ikadoodles for anyone looking to add a four legged friend to their family!

Brenna Towne
Oakdale, California residents enjoy the convenience of IKAdoodles' dog grooming near me services.

We adopted Bison for my daughter. He is honestly the perfect match for her. They connected so fast and he is the SWEETEST boy ever. He is trained so well and is almost like a human haha! He loves to watch Disney and action movies, loves going on walks, car rides and playing outside. Bison does so well with my 1 year old. He is so gentle with her and loves lay with her. Ikadoodles thank you for new addition to our family!

Oakdale, California's top choice for finding affectionate and well-behaved puppies: IKAdoodles, recognized for superior Puppy crate training.

We adopted our sweet girl Duck in August 2018. We immediately fell in love with everything about her. She joined 2 other dogs and 33 chickens and does amazing with them. Very smart girl, learns new tricks extremely fast. When we picked her up from Ikasdooddle farm we were very impressed with it. Well taken care and loved. It means the world that they love and care for them like they do. We would definitely come to them again and confidently recommend them to anyone looking for a new family member.

Duck the Goldendoodle

We got our Molly through ikadoodles. She is the sweetest, intelligent, loving, playful pup. They made sure she was going to a good and loving family. We continue to remain in contact with them just to share Molly’s growth and milestones without them we would not have our Molly.

Molly the Goldendoodle
Ika's legacy of love extends to providing the finest and most loving puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, supported by thorough Puppy crate training.

My family and I adopted a Goldendoodle- Marshmallow. He was loved at Ikadoodles farm and well treated ! You can tell by how the dog looked and ensure the dog would be a fit for us before handing him over. They care for every single pup, I love how they have great living conditions for ALL pups and honestly the owners of the farm are honest, wonderful people. My family and I will be getting another pup from there hopefully soon I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They keep in touch with my pup and I love that, it shows how each pup is forever special and never forgotten. I am forever grateful for my Marshellow we are so in love thanks to this farm. I was the first one to contact them about Marshellow and after came a few more inquiries BUT they respected the line of order and gave me the opportunity to adopt first. Others wouldn’t have done that, Ikadoodles is honest, the best farm with the best cutest puppies 🐶 Thank you so much Ikadoodles 🙏

Marshmallow the Goldendoodle
Unleash the joy of having an affectionate and well-trained puppy by your side with our puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, with a focus on professional Puppy crate training.

We adopted Bella one week ago and she is the sweetest puppy ever. She has a mellow, loving temperament and is happy to play ball in the yard, or just spend time cuddling. We love her so very much! Ikadoodle’s owners are wonderful. They spent over an hour introducing us to Bella and her dog family. It was very clear that they deeply care about all of their dogs. It was hard not to come home with more puppies. We highly recommend Ikadoodle dogs and when the time comes for another dog we will definitely be going back.
-Henkel Family

Bella the Goldendoodle
Your search for a loyal and furry friend ends here with our affectionate and well-trained puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, backed by comprehensive Puppy crate training.

Strudel the labradoodle is smart, sweet and the best dog our family has ever had! Strudel loves all people and animals. She doesn’t show any aggressive tendencies and is truly a joy to everyone she meets. We look forward to spending many more years as a part of our family.

Warm Regards,
The Avila Family

Strudel The Labradoodle
Transform your life with a loyal and furry companion – explore our affectionate and well-trained puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, where we excel in Puppy crate training.

We adopted our Goldendoodle “Bonnie” almost two years ago from Ikadoodles. I loved being able to meet her parents, Beans (mom) and Oreo (dad), they were both happy and outgoing dogs. Bonnie has become a really important part of our family. She’s a beautiful dog with a bright and happy expression, beautiful coat, and her personality is outstanding. She’s gentle, smart, outgoing and really enjoys other dogs and people. Just a naturally warm, comfortable, social dog. I would highly recommend Ikadoodles if you’re looking for a great family pet.

Bonnie The Goldendoodle
Elevate your family with one of our affectionate and well-trained puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, thanks to our dedication to Puppy crate training.

I can’t say enough about not only the amazing doodles but the family that raises these amazing animals!
I adopted Honey when I lost my Husky Hank. The love immediately filled my heart when I held this amazing little doodle.
Now, at Ikasdoodles. You can have your baby pampered and groomed.
Honey was, well let’s just say less than clean lol
Talina did such an amazing job on her! I recommend her through and through and I will be taking Honey to her from here on out. Even though she is an hour and a half away from me. It’s well worth it to have her groomed perfectly ❤️ 💚💙

Honey the Goldendoodle
Oakdale, California residents trust IKAdoodles for top-quality and loving puppies, as we specialize in effective Puppy crate training.

I adopted my sweet girl, Maggie, a month ago and she has been the greatest pup. She has a sweet, calm, and loving temperament. She has been a breeze to train – very, very smart and quick to learn. She plays great with other dogs and loves everyone she meets. Ikadoodles was an amazing place to adopt from. They were easy to work with, quick to respond, offered great insight and advice to basic training and grooming. They groomed her, gave her an adorable handkerchief and all her papers to go home with. I look forward to many years of adventures and cuddles with my sweet Maggie Girl.

Maggie the Goldendoodle
Discover the joy of having one of our affectionate and well-behaved puppies available at IKAdoodles in Oakdale, California, with a focus on excellent Puppy crate training.

We adopted our little girl 3 years ago. We had doodles in our family, so when it was time for me and my daughter to get our first dog I knew what I wanted. A friend recommended me to contact Talina as I was searching for our pup. She was amazing, kept in contact with me, answered all my questions I had, she even drove our little girl up to us. Lilly is perfect she has been from day one. So smart, well behaved, such a lover. She thinks she is human as she has taken over our love seat, but she is definitely the best dog. The personality she has is unlike any other. I also personally know Honey, another goldendoodle that was adopted from IKAdoodles, and I swear the love this family gives to each of these pups is the reason to why they have these wonderful personalities and temperaments. I would recommend them over and over again. Thank you Talina for giving us are most favorite little furry for legged girl. We love her so much!

Lilly the Goldendoodle
Ika's team at IKAdoodles offers exceptional training for our loving and well-behaved puppies in Oakdale, California, where we emphasize thorough Puppy crate training.

We got two puppies from Ikadoddles about 1 month ago. We are very happy with these pups. We decided on getting Bennie (2 months when we got him) and quickly realized we wanted another one so he would have a buddy all the time. Talina was very helpful with answering all our questions and we decided on a beautiful 6 month old puppy we named Maile. Getting both at the same time was a great idea. Maile was pretty much potty trained, crate trained, she listens when she’s called and she is the SWEETEST. Having her helped with Bennie’s potty and crate training. These puppies are super friendly with other dogs, little kids, and adults. They both have fun personalities and are very playful. Talina and Frank are very knowledgeable and caring. We highly recommend Ikadoddles.

Bennie & Maile the Goldendoodles

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