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What does it mean to get a trained puppy from Ikadoodles??

A trained puppy from Ikadoodles will vary depending on the age of the puppy when they are adopted. But a general idea is to think of a puppy that is already potty & crate trained with introduction to leash and basic commands. Perfect for anyone looking to skip the “Puppy Stage” we will save you the sleepless nights that crate and potty training can cause. You will be taking home the perfect puppy and with continuance of the training we’ve done, your puppy will be a perfect dog!

Prefer an older Trained Puppy instead and don’t mind waiting a little longer than 4 weeks to bring a puppy home? Check our our Trained Puppies AVAILABLE NOW

Puppy trained

SPECIAL EDITION TRAINED PUPPIES are older puppies anywhere from age 3-9 months old.

We understand that there are people who would prefer to adopt a fully trained puppy or young adult dog, as opposed to an “untrained” 8 week old puppy. Because of the strong demand for this type of furry family member we enthusiastically provide trained puppies and fully trained young adults when available.

Our Special Edition Trained Puppies are puppies that we start training from age 10-12 weeks old until they find their forever homes. We believe that every dog is meant for a special family out there and that sometimes those families take a little longer to find us because their time is “just right” when they do. We can’t help but believe in “meant to be”.

The price for these trained puppies will vary depending on the age that they are when they get adopted. The premium paid for these trained puppies will be higher the longer we keep them but they start at $4000 at which point the puppies will be 4 months old at least. At this time the puppies will be fully and properly socialized with people and other pets as well as sounds. Our goal is to help our puppies prepare for the outside, real world and establish confidence.

We will teach the puppies to walk on and off leash confidently. We will teach recall and basic commands such as sit, here and stay. We also teach the puppies not to jump on people and to learn to play well with other dogs.

If you are looking to skip the puppy stage and transition into a well behaved dog to make part of your family, these are the puppies for you! Schedule an appointment today to meet our trained puppies today and fall in love with their personalities.

Prices starting at $4,000
but can range up to $10,000

Add on Packages Available with any puppy that would normally go home at 8 weeks:

Two Week Training: $350

2 Weeks of start up training which include; introduction to crate, introduction to leash and introduction to potty training

Four Week Training: $700

4 Weeks of continued start up training include; continuance of the introduction to crate, introduction to leash and introduction to potty training, plus basic commands like SIT, HERE, STAY. Proper socialization with other dogs and with children will also be included in this package.

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